Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My First Pair of Nikes

It's been over a month since I bought these bad boys and I've given them some good test runs so far. The verdict is...I love them! These are my first workout shoe purchases since...2008? I only have one pair that I have been wearing and washing to keep them clean. I really only used them for the gym and a couple runs outside so they stayed in great condition through the years. But now I decided to treat myself and get a brand new pair. 
'Bout time! 

I got new shoes as a motivator to go to the gym more often and I have even worn them to work a couple times even though I normally refuse to wear sneakers for anything other than working out. I really love them and the mesh toe area has such great breathability and cools down my feet when I'm walking around. I got them in a non-frilly girly-type color because I'm not into frilly colors on my feet. 
I just really like the neutral type of shoe since I like more bright colors for sports bras popping out from under a tank. There is just something about wearing a bright pink sports bra that just makes me happy. And it's the only time you'll ever catch me wearing pink...ever. 

But yes, these shoes are awesome. Maybe it is because I have not had a new pair in years or because the shoes are so light but they make me feel like I am walking on air. I feel confident and swift and I zipped around the office with ease. Then I really liked the comfort they provided while on the eliptical. The eliptical is my machine of choice because I fell on my knew once and it still acts up and the low impact makes it easier for me to get in my cardio without straining it too much. Another day I decided to give the eliptical a break and went on the treadmill for a walk as I wasn't feeling it and they did a great job on there too. I did my usual fast walking pace set to a higher incline and these kept my feet nice and comfy. 

For $40 plus tax I think I did well. I got them from the Carlsbad outlets on our way back from Escondido for my birthday weekend last month. I think what held me back from ever looking into buying a pair of Nikes was the fact that I thought they were so expensive but I bought these for the same price as I got my old Asics for. I might look into getting another pair as a switcheroo pair so they can air out. I might wait till new years to get them since there might be some good deals due to clear out/new years resolution sales that are bound to happen. But seriously, they are one of the best birthday gifts I have ever gotten myself. 

What do you think?
 Do new running shoes give you a new perspective and a pep in your step? 


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