Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vaseline spray and go moisturizer review

I have a problem with ashy skin and dry elbows and knees. I guess I'm supposed to scrub and moisturize but sometimes I only have time for one of the other or even neither of them.

Then I come across the new Vaseline spray and go. I stood there in the store and thought "jeeze what lazy chick needs this crap?" so I left it on the shelf in hopes it would collect dust and disappear for good. Nope! Didn't happen. I kept seeing it there taunting me.

"hey lady, you know you want me. "

It taunted me. So I broke down and got the cocoa scent. It was 5.99 at Target which is more than I like to spend on drugstore brand lotion but who cares? I had to get its voice out of my head. Plus who am I kidding, I'm VERY lazy about moisturizing anything but my face.

I brought it home, took a shower than sprayed away. It has a nice cooling mist that goes on somewhat easily and with a little effortless rubbing in I was perfectly moisturized and I didn't have the heavy skin feeling or funky scent. It smelled like cocoa butter but without the feeling of the buttery formula. I am now an instant fan of this product. It is truly perfect for the girl who gets up early, showers then rolls back into bed because it's so damn comfy until she realizes she has 10 minutes before she has to leave for work and dresses and forgets to get her lunch from the fridge.

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