Monday, May 20, 2013

Julep DD cream first impression

I'm a beauty product junkie and I can't get enough for my fix. so when I found out that one of my favorite subscription boxes was coming out with the first ever DD cream I was really excited. I spend good money to make my face look flawless because honestly that's my beauty goal over all. You can do beautiful eye makeup and apply the perfect lip but if you have imperfect skin that's what people will notice first and that's not the first thing I want them to notice.

So going on, I'm no expert in any way of BB and CC creams but if the BB creams aren't from Korea or whatever you're just paying for pumped up tinted moisturizer. Then as for CC creams it's supposed to provide
More coverage as it stands for "color corrector". For myself I actually don't mind the American BB creams because I had been looking for a perfect tinted moisturizer in high school but resorted to mixing my foundation with face moisturizer. Which if you don't mind a little DIY in your life you can do it for your routine. I actually like using my Maybelline BB under my Bare Minerals for better coverage and staying power.

But let's move on to my first impression of the newest addition to the makeup world. I really like the packaging as it makes it look sleek and "high end" but I must note the outside of the boxes looked dusty but that's probably because the crinkle cut signature Easter grass that comes in every box delivered. Definitely not a deal breaker and maybe not something very noteworthy but whatever, this is my review and I think someone might find it semi-important or whatever.

Then going on to this mornings application! I did some research as to what other bloggers were buzzing about concerning the product and found some say that there was very little product and it was mostly air. I did notice that as well with mine and realize that maybe that's a feature? I dunno but there's not a ton of room in my Maybelline. I have a backup unopened container of my Maybelline And it's the same amount of 1 fl oz. and there's no extra room so I really dislike the waste caused by excess packaging. So in reality you're getting tricked into thinking "oh damn! Score, what a giant amount of product." but in reality it's a *whomp whomp*

The color seemed a little darker than what I may have expected. I'm in no way fair skinned but in no way am I on the dark spectrum of medium shades. so a light shade of medium fits my bill. The color I picked out (medium) seemed maybe too orangey and dark for my tastes. Maybe if I get more tan this summer it would work better. The coverage isn't that much heavier than my BB so it was a little disappointing in that department not to mention the SPF is 25 on the DD cream and Maybellines is SPF 30. Another *whomp whomp* but not as big of a disappointment because it's still pretty good.

The cream is a thicker consistency and is comparable to a regular foundation. I had a little trouble applying evenly but I got it there. I refuse to buy and use the reccomended brush for the product because I've been doing fine for several years only using my fingers and sponges. Besides, I have a perfectly good Mac foundation brush sitting in my brush container and I'll use it when I see fit and even then it's not to apply foundation. I know, I'm such a rebel.

The coverage is like my dream liquid mousse which is my oldie but goodie holy grail liquid foundation because I feel it matches me better than most drugstore foundation but the DD leaves my skin with more of a sheen. As I am testing the product today (received yesterday) and wanted to test the staying powder I can say as a combo skin gal I'm hating on the oily tzone it has given me. It's just a slick oily feeling that isn't very pleasant. Would powdering it help? I'll continue testing it to find out and let you know. But all I can say is that hopefully it does. I do notice my waterproof eyeliner that never fails on me is *gasp!* failing on me and slipped and looks really faded 3 hours later and how looks worse 6 hours later here at 1:30 in the afternoon

So far for my first impression is that it isn't all that impressive at all. It's far from dynamic and I still had to moisturize for it to go on smoothly so it definitely not a do-all.

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