Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Recent E.L.F hauls

Yes, you read correct. I have multiple hauls from E.L.F cosmetics and I've accumulated said items via Target and their website. They recently had a buy $20 worth of items and get a mystery bag worth $20 for FREE (my favorite word in the English language) so I got suckered in and ordered away. Then I made a second order the next day. Yes, I'm crazy. No judging though, $20 is a lot of products for this affordable brand and I did have to pay shipping but they don't charge tax so if you get a code for free shipping then you're made in the shade my friend!

So I've got plenty of items to sort through and test then review which will keep me busy for the next few week(s) maybe. Plus I got a few face/hair items from Target as well to review. Needless to say, I got a lot of crap and I need to use it or loose it!

For now I'm just giving you the lowdown on what to expect. So expect tons of elf reviews and maybe some makeup looks with their products if I can get over my shyness and aversion to taking pictures. They will be broken up with reviews on a recent gem I found in the at home microdermabrasion department and face lotions/toners and other gems from the makeup aisle. Expect a large package review from my latest crazy ulta haul where I bought a bunch of NYX products and I just got my ipsy glam bag yesterday so I'll be testing and reviewing to my hearts content. 

So check back in later (tonight? Tomorrow night?) and see what goodies I post about first! 

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