Thursday, May 30, 2013

One day left until Generation Beauty

I hope everyone has got their ticket already because today's the last day for the half off coupon otherwise you're spending 150 smackaroos to get in. Unless they put that crap on groupon or something the day of.

So very excited to go! I'll be dropping in after work just to register early then pop out since they have nothing formal planned that day. If they have something good I'll consider staying longer. Or maybe grab a cocktail from around there and go home. It is Friday so it might be busy just because. You never know. So cocktails when I get home? Or cocktails with you?

But all days I'll be tweeting and instagraming or whatever so if you want to follow someone going to the event you can follow me.
@verityrobin (too lazy to make a new handle)
On IG I am missare_elle_vee

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