Sunday, May 19, 2013

My top 3 mascaras drugstore picks

I think we all are pretty much looking for the same thing in life...the perfect mascara. No? Oh, then I think I must need to get my priorities straight then! But until then, I think I'll let you on this crazy train going to the makeup aisles of the drugstore in the search for my perfect mascara.


I swear, every beauty blogger/vlogger is OBSESSED with the Covergirl Clump Crusher. And so staring at many different mascaras, looking at every single package that promised me fuller lashes I just decided to give it a whirl. I've been very disappointed lately with the performance of my go to Maybelline brand so I hoped ship and prayed for the best. I really had a bad impression with Covergirl's lip selection and their powders are nice but too perfumey for my liking and was very dissatisfied with the pressed translucent powder. Despite my preconceived notions of what to expect I purchased my "superhero" clump crushing volumizimg mascara. Boy was I glad I did! This mascara is the making my lashes super dark, full and separated. I really hate when I buy a mascara and I whip out the wand like I'm Harry Potter just isn't "THE ONE". There was no clumpage on the brush and pulling it out of the tube the perfect amount was wiped off. So needless to say I found my holy grail waterproof mascara for this summer.

I don't think anyone will look this fierce but hey, its the ad. They always lie. 

Fast forward 2-3 days later back in the aisles of Target searching for even more drugstore mascara. I was very dissatified with my powder bronzer options, si I threw my hands in the air and said show me something and that's when I saw it, sitting there in it's sexy little black tube with that come hither look. Granted, she was on the thicker side but that's how I like 'em. As I was picking her up, she was advertising she has lycra on the inside. That was a little TMI but I I gave some props for her honesty. Her name was Rimmel Scandaleyes with Lycra flex. *shudder* oohhh, baby I knew I had to have her! So I took her home and she showed me the best time. Her bristles were very large and thick, so large and thick they almost intimidated me. But I put on my big girl panties and went to town painting my lashes. They were starting to look gorgeous, lush and thick. I was obsessed. I still am obsessed. I probably will stay obsessed for awhile too.

I don't want the total London look except for those eyes!

Then last but not least, another Rimmel mascara. I keep saying mascara with a British accent in my head. Mas-car-uh, not mas-scare-uh. Sorry guys! 

This new one keeps popping up in ads on the tele but I didn't ever notice them until after I bought it. The Scandaleyes Show Off comes in a girly bright pink tube and really caught my eye when I first saw it...then that ball "device" at the end of the brush. I was intrigued and I have never got my dirty little paws on a brush like this before! It is almost medieval, like a mace used in combat. I was determined and I was going to take this weapon and protect everyone from my whimpy thin lashes and slay that dragon with my mighty new sword! Upon first application, my lashes did not look "plump" at all. It looked more natural but then a few more coats later I got the look I desired and even got those baby lashes in the corners. I never knew I even had so many! This baby is amazing beyond words. the lashes were thick but not too dramatic so it was totally wearable to the office (not that anyone in my office really gives a crap about).  I enjoy the tasteful and feminine look they gave my eyes. 

This one really did steal the show for me

Each one of these mascaras serves a different purpose, I would never be able to choose just one. Plus they all give great coverage on me and all are a great value with each just under $7. If you pick a new mascara, it should definitely be one of these. 

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