Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sally Hansen sugar coat nail polish

Omg please don't get me started on this! This is the worst nail trend ever! Why?!!!

I bought this yesterday at Target ($5 something so ill call it $6) thinking "Oh cool! It's like the Zoya polishes" I wanted to try those out but I love Sally Hansen so I purchased this. Worst mistake ever I got it in the purple color thinking that I have waaaaayyyy too many nudes, reds, blues and sparkle. It looked cute in the bottle but when painted on it reminded me of Pepto Bismol. The texture of the "candy coating" made it feel like I had scaly fingers and looked like that crappy ceiling popcorn.

It was an all over NO GO, I will avoid this stuff like its the plague. It definitely wasn't as cool as I thought it was going to be. But if by chance you love the look of ceiling popcorn in the color of diarrhea medicine be my guest and buy away! Now excuse me while I go buy myself some nail stickers to cheer myself up.

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