Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday is for Shoe Lovers

target sandals, sandals, leopard print sandals

It's been disgustingly hot here in Socal and thought is was time to finally up my sandal game a bit. I really only had a couple pairs of flip flops and 2 other pairs of busted up sandals from years ago. They're the really cute strappy kind but honestly its a pain to wear them and get those funky tan lines on my feet. I feel in love with a different pair at Target and was hoping to get my grubby paws on those but like anything good, they went faster than I had hoped. Finding a size 6 in women's is usually my main struggle shopping. Anything cute in my size just doesn't exist. 

target sandals, sandals, leopard print sandals

target sandals, sandals, leopard print sandals

So I found these and were literally the last pair in my size in this style of all 3 colors they had and was on sale. I mean, c'mon guys, they were only $15. It's always a sign you should buy it if it's the last one in your size on sale. That's why we all go broke, right? I know I'm not the only one out there. 

target sandals, sandals, leopard print sandals

Lucky me. I really hit the cute sandal jackpot on these. Plus they look cute with my smeared and jacked up nail polish. But you all can forgive me for having a ratchet looking pedi, right? The color is Essie's Peach Daiquiri, and I ended up getting a daiquiri that same night after buying it. I believe they named it this to give the subliminal message to go out and buy boozy blended drinks with stupid little umbrellas in them. Damn you Essie, damn you....

target sandals, sandals, leopard print sandals

And you all can excuse the fact I need to shave my legs, right? Right? NO?!!
 Okay fine. I was just trying to get real with you all and show you my oh-so glamorous lifestyle. ;)

I ended up wearing these shoes out with just a simple floaty navy blue top and my distressed denim jean shorts to my boyfriend's niece's birthday party. Another good way you could probably wear them is with maxi dress in a solid color and some Aztec style jewelry. You can easily throw on a black fit and flare style dress and some gold jewelry, and a clutch for a casual dinner or maybe some cocktails out. Or at least I would because I have never been much for heels. 

So I am happy I am ready to stay cool during the summer and these might make an appearance at the office if it gets hot enough. As long as my sandals don't make that flip flop sound and it's sweltering out my bosses have never complained about anyone wearing sandals. I just hope the guys in the office don't get the same idea and start wearing those funky strappy mandals into the office. 
I shudder thinking about it. 
So stay cool and hydrated out there and let me know if you'd like to coordinate a rain dance of some sort. 


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