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Basics to bring to Generation Beauty (2014)

Photo taken from GenBeauty website
Alrighty, I've been pretty MIA for this entire month but to me, that's okay. I've gotten some things I've been wanting to do out of the way and I feel a little more like I've accomplished a lot of the things I've been wanting to do since forever. I thought I would feel guilty about not writing something at least once a week but I don't. I'll just consider it my spring break. 

But now that I'm aiming to get back on track I thought I would share that I just literally bought my Generation Beauty ticket for this year right now. So I thought it would be helpful to have a list of things to bring with you besides you and your ticket. Ans now that I've finally made the commitment to go it feels more real. I know I wrote how I didn't like the event last year but maybe that's because I was too shy about my blog not even being at least a year old and having only spam bots as visitors. Now that I have more confidence in myself as a blogger I think it will make all the difference which brings me to the first point of my list on what to bring to Generation Beauty 

1. Confidence 
No matter if your a small blogger starting out I think this is one key to getting the desired attention at any beauty convention. Own who you are and your blog "brand". Even if you see your blog as a buisness or not thinking if it as one will help when you want to make those personal connections. It's importatint to try to make those human connections in real life and honestly, where else do you get this opportunity to do so? So show up and be confident and be you. 

2. Buisness cards 
This second point stems from the first point and even though it may seem silly but really think about it. You're meeting so many new people, there's activities, and speeches. It will all seem like a whirlwind at the end and you met a nice blogger but oops...what was their blog called again? If you're going to invest your time making these connections you might as well be remembered. It doesn't have to be with buisness cards either. Exchange twitter handles, FB page, blog name and whatever you like right then and there on your phone. But keep in mind that phones may die so you might want to bring a pen and paper to write down your info. But I feel buisness cards are just so much more professional looking no matter what level your blog is at. If you're looking to connect with the brand reps at the booths business cards will definitely make you seem more organized than you may actually be. 

Yes, caps overkill. You will be taking a lot of pictures, participating in feeds at the event, texting, connecting with everyone online because it can get exciting and you just have to let everyone know what is going on like, right now. Then if you get dropped of at the event like I did last year you'll have to have enough battery at the end of the day telling your buddy where you are exactly or you're screwed. I lost battery and had to go back to the event to mooch wifi on my tablet reader to email my boyfriend where I was going to be and when. I will be looking into a battery backup system of some sort this year. 

4. Camera  
I really wish I had one last year because I was really trying to preserve my battery/memory (I hoard pictures on my phone) and doing both at the same time is exhausting. I'm not good at multi tasking. Multi tasking makes me angry. When I'm angry, Hulk SMASH! I bought myself a camera for blogging and personal use for Christmas so that will be going with me this year. It doesn't have to be anything fancy either, just a point and shoot is fine. Just remember to bring an extra set of batteries and maybe an extra memory card, especially if you're from out of town because you might get an urge to take pictures of your entire trip instead of just the event. 

5. Tablet or EReader 
They had Wifi at last year's event and they should definitely have it this year so bringing a tablet or eReader is like having icing on the cake. I personally found having my reader on me was useful so I could browse and respond to people on the live feed without having to drain my phone battery or waste my data  in one weekend. If you have a Tablet with a camera that comes in real handy as you can probably leave the camera at home and use your phone and tablet instead but if you have a reader without a camera like me that's why I put a camera on the list. I have the NOOK HD and have had it for a couple years that I use for well, reading web content and stuff. It came in handy for me last year so I will bring it with me this year too.

6. Cash  
You figure that its 2014 and some of these companies should have some way to take your debit/credit card especially if they are big names who can afford these transaction fees. But nope! The only Sponsor that I could find that took a card was Sexy Hair. The rest I wanted to buy from were cash. So when it came down to me choosing to spend the only $20 bill I had on me it came down to either buying a huge eyeshadow pallet from BH Cosmetics or some super discounted roller balls from Pacifica I had to go ahead and skip the roller balls because makeup always wins. So bring cash, and bring enough I would say at least $40 minimum. 

7. Reusable shopping bag 
Preferably one that folds into itself. The brands sponsors last year had some nice specials going on at the event and the fabric bag you get at the start of the event might just not be enough to hold everything comfortably. If you do some heavy hitting damage to your wallet plus all the items they give away the bag just gets too heavy on its own. I'm paranoid that it would end up breaking on me. So if you're a paranoid wierdo like me, bring an extra bag and if its fold able and easily hidden away because if you end up not getting much stuff then its not in your way. 

8. Comfortable shoes
I was an idiot last year by thinking I wouldn't do a lot of walking and standing but oh boy, was I wrong. I wore my brand new peep toe jelly shoes deciding to break them in. All I can say is that it was the worst idea ever. Walking around in hot jelly shoes rubbing against your heel is not fun at all. Wear cute shoes that have already been broken in and feel comfortable. 

I really don't think there is anything else that you would need for the day of the event other than these items. I really must stress the importance of just being prepared for meeting other bloggers. I think this list would be good for any convention at all really. The more you plan an outline of what you need the better your experience should be. I think even if you aren't much of a planner just having your basic supplies and an outline of what you think you want to do is a great start. I will try to get a mini series going here for places to go eat if you're coming from out of town and a crash course on how to take public transport. If you have any requests for the mini series let me know, I would be happy to try and help you out. 


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