Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Face of the day - Rimmel edition

face of the day, rimmel, rimmel stay matte, scandaleyes retro, scandaleyes

Eeeekkk!!!! A picture of my face in a post?!! Yes, I have finally gathered enough courage to show my face in  post for once. I think it's about time to start being a bit more confident and less camera shy. What better way to start off than with a face of the day post? I decided to just mess around with my Rimmel makeup and found out I have a lot more of it than I previously thought. So I normally don't use all of one brand on my face all at once but thought that it would be cool to see how it really looks altogether. 

I used my holy HG primer, fix and protect in 002 which is better than the one that comes in the tan tube. I have had that one and it is tinted and it separates pretty bad. When I discovered that there was a colorless one I bought it and fell in love and use it religiously. I then used the Stay Matte Mouse in Soft Beige which seems not too pink or orange on me but was a smidgen lighter than I am. That's no problem because I then fixed the issue by dusting my jawline and high points with the Rimmel Natural bronzer in Sun Glow and blended it to make my face not look like a mask. The blush I used is a nice rose gold color from TIGI in the color Haute and doesn't look ridiculous when paired with bronzer and then swiped a little of my Illuminating Mineral Veil from Bare Minerals on top of my cheek bones. I think it gives such a pretty finish and makes my cheeks look babelicious. 

Lips are the matte Kate Moss Lipstick in 104 with a swipe of the Stay glossy lipgloss in Non Stop Glamour. The liner is the Rimmel gel liner and comes with its own little brush which I like to use no matter if im using the Rimmel liner or not. It is pretty dinky but I like the way it can get super close to my lash line. Then I finished my eye look with two coats of the Scandaleyes retro glam mascara. I lightly lined my water line with Rimmel's kohl liner in 007 pure white. I know it doesn't really show up but I think it gives me more of the wide eye awake look I go for everyday.  Even though I have pretty full brows I fill them in anyways because it just gives my look a polished feel. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder in Medium Brown and use my E.L.F. Studio angled brush to fill them in and all I have to do is follow my natural brow shape. 

face of the day, rimmel, rimmel stay matte, scandaleyes retro, scandaleyes

face of the day, rimmel, rimmel stay matte, scandaleyes retro, scandaleyes

I really don't think It looks half bad and I really had to pump up how much blush and brow powder I put on for it to translate well on camera. No wonder I always think it looks funny and I'm never satisfied when I take pictures though. And I also realize my nose will always have that funky sheen on it no matter what so I'll embrace it. 

Oh Gawd, but my hair is super disheveled and frizzy looking but then again doing my hair has been one of my greatest weak points from birth. I think my only hair talent is cutting my own bangs. Even my hairdresser says I'm one of the only people who comes to see her that can cut their own bangs right So...BOOM! There's my one talent. 

So there it is, my first face of the day post in all of its strange angled pose glory. I really gotta learn to figure out my best angels...and become more confident. 



  1. You look beautiful xx and I really love this post

    1. Thanks! I'm going to try to do more posts like this at least once a month.

  2. You're makeup looks gorgeous. What make up brand is HG? Primers don't seem to make a difference on my skin. Regardless of whether or not I use them, I don't see the difference. I'm now following you on GFC and Bloglovin. Please check out my blog and if you like what you see follow me back :)


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