Monday, May 19, 2014

Graze Box Review

I think I had heard about graze box somewhere on Facebook in those stupid ads they started showing but never gave it much thought after that. Then when my sister told me I could get my first box for free with her referral code I was like "WHUT?!!" It was %100 free. No shipping charge was added because it was free either. But yes, first box and 5th box are free and regular price is $6. you can choose to have it delivered every 1, 2 or 4 weeks.But you could totally set it to send every 4 weeks then after your free box ships just cancel the account. My mom and my sister both did that. 

But what is Graze box? it is a snack box featuring individually portioned snacks. You can log onto your profile and they have the option to say whether or not you like a product or not or what I used the voting for is to say I hate everything with coconut in it because I hate coconut and because sometimes I get a little itchy from eating the coconut meat/flakes/shreds. But if you are someone who is allergic to everything this box is definitely not for you. I also used the voting system to say I hate anything with wasabi because wasabi is the devil. 

This is the only thing in my box that I still have not eaten. I really like popcorn but I always just forget I have it there. I really gotta crack open this bag soon. 

The toffee apple dippers were my favorite thing in this box. I am totally in love with how sour the granny smith apples were and the sauce wasn't too sickly sweet. It was just the perfect combo. And only 66 calories. I just wish it was bigger.

I am really not a fan of all BBQ sauces at all. I hate when they're just too sweet or just taste ketchup-y. This one was sweet (yuck) but smokey (yum). I was just glad I only had to dip the baguette crackers in them and it wasn't on any meat product. Overall it really wasn't my cup of tea. 

I really love nuts as a snack and I hate how some of them get a bad rep for being fatty. A coworker claimed he won't eat pistachios because they're just too fatty but he will go out and get McDonalds. It makes no sense. NO SENSE. 
I worry more about sodium content than calories or fat content. I can always eat a smaller portion and go work it off in the gym. It's harder to reverse the damage of eating too much salt. 
These nuts were not too salty, perfectly roasted, had great flavor, and kept me satisfied. 

All of the snacks came with a pamphlet containing nutrition information and the expiration dates. On the other side it contains your referral code to give to your friends and family. I like the fact that you can get a dollar off your next box or if you're the giving type you can choose to donate it to their charity that uses it to teach farming skills to people in rural Uganda.
The box itself keeps the products protected and is also recyclable. The little plastic containers are recyclable as well or they suggest using them nestled in the box and use it as an herb garden. 

Overall I like the concept of delivering properly portioned snacks to your door. It just makes you think about how portions really have grown out of control and to eat smarter. I really think it's a little too pricey for me to keep for too long and I will cancel the box sometime soon. I really would rather get some yummy organic snacks from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's has some great stuff that isn't pricey at all. I just like to be guaranteed that I get stuff that I like to eat. But now I will be more conscious and think about what is a proper portioned snack. 


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