Thursday, December 5, 2013

Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple Review with Swatches

Hey everyone, sorry for the pretty absent looking blog lately. I keep telling myself to photgraph everything ahead of time and just prep but Ii just cant seem to get organized. It makes it harder to do it because there's never any daylight to do these photo shoots during the day and I get so lazy when the weekend rolls around. That plus the Thanksgiving holiday didn't help either.

But enough excuses and for once I'm doing this review as soon as I got the said item. Such a miracle honestly! I really don't think I have ever tried a lip butter before until now which I find is amazing because everyone sees to rave about them. I think its because I'm already addicted to the Maybelline color whispers it's like, why bother? Same thing right? If its broke don't fix it! Also, instead of getting something in my usual mauve or berry colored lip color comfort zone I have been in I thought to try something along the lines of a red. I really love matte red lip sticks and honestly feel that any shiny red lip color looks a bit cartoonish on me so my biggest challenge has been finding something with a nice solid looking tint with a hint of shine. Just something sheer but not too sheer and shiny but not too shiny. Also something that doesn't accentuate my dry winter lips. Such a big order to fill and all my hopes and reams are set on this one item right here.

I think it might just be me but my hands look kind of hairy in this picture. Oh well! I feel the color swatches really pretty and sheer. I feel it adds enough color without being too dramatic and is not a lacquered looking red but *might* be too shiny by my own absurd standards. Maybe I'm looking for more of a creme sheen than anything else when I choose my red colors. It does feel very moisturizing and looks pretty on my lips so its a keeper but I will keep looking for my perfect sheer red. 

I have one DIY lined up for posting some time soon, I might be working on that later tonight if I am not too distracted from my new pet fishy or the fruit cake I made. Yes, I said fruit cake. It is definitely not one of those roadkill/traffic light laden fruit cakes but contains only dried fruits. Nothing of the glacee variety is up in that bad boy. So I will be babysitting that thing for the next couple weeks and drenching it with booze. Hopefully it will be okay for the upcoming ugly Christmas sweater party coming up. I will definitely keep you posted and let you know if the recipe I used was worth you trying as well along with modifications I made to suit my tastes. 


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