Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Christmas Eve in Pictures - 2013

So here is the glorious tree I decorated myself but I swear I didn't pick out the light. If it were up to me it would be warm white lights all the way. 

I was a wrapping monster this year and I think I went overboard on the gifts. 

For Christmas Eve the family came over to my sister's place for dinner and gifts and I appointed myself the paparazzi for the evening because I really wanted to use my new camera.  

if you happen to know me personally I love to take sneaky creepy pictures of friends and family and this happened to be one that didn't turn out like I creeped up on my sister. 

But this one does...

And so does this one. But then again my mom always tries to stop any pictures being taken of her. 

Then here is a picture of my brothers not paying attention to the crazy going on at my older sister's place. 

Meet my boyfriend who is allergic to cats

Meet Nipsy the cat...

Now here is my boyfriend petting the cat even though he is allergic to them. 

I am seriously very jealous that my older sister has a fireplace, I am a huge sucker for lighting a fire instead of turning on the heat. I love the smell of the burning logs and the romantic glow. 

Here is my older sister's really big Christmas tree. 

The guard cat kept careful watch over all the presents around the tree while we waited for dinner. 

I was pretty obsessed with that cat as you can see. at least the cat didn't put their hand in front of their face all the time. 

Here was the green bean casserole I was surprised I even liked. I think it was because the beans weren't from tin can

Here is my dad cutting HUGE slices of pot roast. They were DAYUM! big slices. 

we also had baked mac n cheese, mashed red potatoes, gravy and salad for sides as well. 

I finally got in a shot without everyone crowding around and photo bombing everything. 

At the end of the night the cat was pretty dang happy for us to leave. The more we bugged the cat the more and more it gave us the stink eye. 

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