Saturday, November 30, 2013

Glittered Candle Holders Quick DIY

I decided to do some quick crafty DIY stuff to get ready for Christmas so I bought some cute little candle holders at Ikea and thought "Hey! These could look more festive!" I had a bunch of leftover glitter from another mini project and decided to use it for this. I find that the super fine glitter works the best anything super chunky looks kind of strange and stands out too much. 

Materials needed:
Candle holders 
Small glitter, color of your choice 
All purpose glue 
Sponge brush
Paper plate for dumping your glue on
Your drink of choice (I chose sparkling wine) 

All I had to do was paint on a thin layer of all purpose paint and then over some laid out newspaper I sprinkled a thin layer of the glitter over the holders. As these are white it is hard to see where you missed spots unless you shine some good lighting on it. I do prefer using the sponge tipped paintbrush because I find you can blot it on and any wipe any excess off easily. 

The sparkle shows up a bit when you have the lights down low and some candles going on but they really get the point across when you have a pretty strand of lights kind of strewn about in the front. 

If you throw on a filter it really brings it out and I thinks it looks super cute just hanging out in front of the TV while sipping a tasty beverage with your favorite show on. I have another DIY for a mini Christmas tree that looks super duper cute alongside these bad boys. This DIY is perfect for anyone and everyone. Seriously, if you're not the least bit crafty you still can't fail at this. But as a warning you might have glitter all over your floor for the rest of the week. 

So hopefully someone pout there is a bit more encouraged to try something a bit crafty not that the holidays are here. We're all going to be spending more time indoors so we might as well enjoy our surroundings. 


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