Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mystery Bag Obsession #1

So I am presenting you all with my very own mini series featuring a mystery bag of goodies featuring things I am obsessed with. I haven't really thought out how often I want to do this. Maybe once or twice a month will do. Nothing that would seem overboard or make me run out of ideas too fast. 

Sooooo...this month's mystery bag contains everything that I own that is PURPLE! Purple is my favorite color but sometimes it can be a hard makeup color to wear. But thankfully there are so many variations of the color it makes it possible for everyone to wear. I have been on a purple lip kick lately because it's such a nice versatile color to wear and a darker plummy one seems very festive now that it has started getting cold. My personal favorite is a reddish looking plum color as a substitute for a red lip because sometimes a red lip can look too formal and just bee too high maintenance for what I am doing. 

So here is most of my collection I have massed together of all my purple colors. I would include mauves as they are in the same family as purple but that would be best for a whole new post honestly because I think I have more mauves than any other color in my collection. I really think I have a good selection to suite any mood I may be having and considering I am a very moody person  because sometimes I can change from a bright sunny disposition to one of utter disdain for everything around me in minutes. 

So here are all the swatches from my collection and each one speaks to me in a different way. I can go from a really subtle look to something bright and dramatic to something dark and moody. I have also realized that I have A LOT of Maybelline products in my collection. I don't know how that happened, I really don't. I hope I can get around to reviewing all of these sometime soon. I you see a color you want to see more of just let me know in the comment section below and I would be more than happy to write something up on it. If I did have a top three favorites from these it would have to be

1) Mac Rebel 
2) Maybelline color whisper in Berry Ready 
3) Styli Style lipgloss in Tres Chic

So what do you think about purple colors and are you a little obsessed as well? I know It can be a scary thing to think about at first for some but the risk could be worth it. 

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