Sunday, November 17, 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry

Whenever I read a blog and get that deep longing feeling for a certain color for some reason I really don't run out and go buy it. I always forget or they are all out of the color I am lusting after but this one, this was my Moby Dick. This one was my white whale. After searching and searching for one that was still in the stores and not yet opened and swatched by some other inconsiderate customer. I mean, isn't that what beauty bloggers are for? I mean c'mon we are all so glued to our phones liking spam on Facebook nowadays and yet we don't have the time to Google "lipstick swatches"? Really?!! Okay...enough of my mini rant. Luckily I was finally able to find this within a five mile radius of home and I didn't have to resort to getting desperate and ordering it online. 

I know I have probably passed up this lipstick a few times thinking it would bee too dark and vampy but now that I have gotten my paws on it I feel it isn't that bad. It really compliments my fall/winter skin very well and over all I am glad I got it. To me it's pretty dang festive for the season and even though we might be getting 90 degrees in the afternoon and 50 degrees at night (damn you non fall weather! damn you!!!!). Are you guys out there lusting after any similar colors? I hope I had the chance to convert one of you out there to join the dark side of the lip color spectrum because as a former non believer It just took one post to convert me!


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