Saturday, November 9, 2013

Amazing Grace Body Butter - Review

I got this body butter awhile back in a gift set I bought for myself. At the time I had no perfumes at all. Yes, shocking I know because I love scents. The body butter doesn't smell as strong as the perfume but that's makes it great to slather on and to spray a few bits on your wrists because then it won't be too overpowering together. The consistency is great, not too heavy and greasy and absorbs very quickly. I find I have better luck with butters and oils than with lotions for my dry legs as lotion doesn't seem to keep me moisturized all day. 

I find this is a great scent to wear during the day and around the office. While wearing it I feet like one of those girls who always smell pretty. It smells pretty and not the least bit prissy and doesn't feel like it's for tweens or someone who is a lot older than I am but could be worn by anyone of any age range. I feel that is is better in the butter form because I do find that after awhile the perfume smells a little bit powdery on me which isn't as bad as others I have tried but still doesn't appeal to me all that much. 

So when I am feeling a little less than amazing and super dry skin I'll slather this all over and head out the door with amazingly soft legs and a new pep in my step. I think overall I would only repurchase the body butter because it's perfumed without being too overpowering and doesn't leave the powdery scent the perfume does. As of right now this is my only body butter which is a shame because I feel I am missing out on some good stuff out there. So if there are any body butter junkies out there it would be awesome to get some recommendations of some of your favorites. I really hope to hear from some of you lovelies! 

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