Sunday, July 28, 2013

Garnier 3 minute Undo Dryness Reversal Treatment Triple Nutritrion

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Lately I've been on a deep conditioning and hot oil treatment kick. I just really am determined to have soft, shiny and healthy hair. Healthy, shiny hair is the epitome of youth. I believe that your hair can age you, when people first see you, they notice your face and hair because they share the same zip code. You may have no blemishes, wrinkles or dry patches on your face and have really dry brittle hair. BOOM! There you go looking like you're 40 instead of 35.

With this firm belief in the power of beautiful shiny hair I came across this Garnier product hoping to cure me of my dry and split ends issue. It's not that bad a of a problem, but my hair is getting tangled more often than usual and a few stray split ends here and there but I do need something to hold me until I can get to my hairdresser for a trim. The culprits of the hot mess on my head are using permanent dye, blow drying and flat ironing. I have combated the problems with good results and will do a separate blog post on how I  have reduced my hairs dryness at a later date, so keep an eye out for it!

My new routine has made such a difference all I really need to do to prolong my trim trip is an in shower deep conditioner on the ends of my hair every week. I have found that Tresseme's platinum strength deep conditioner has been a life saver but for the sake of saying that it is one of the better deep conditioners I had to try a couple others. I saw it while I was getting a backup for when my holy grail deep conditioner runs out, instead I found the Garnier and knowing from experience that I have loved their products in the past I decided to give it a whirl.

The bottle states it has Shea, olive and avocado oils which are supposed to be very moisturizing and good for dry, damaged hair. What I didn't see, which is my own fault is that it contains apricot seeds to also nourish and help with moisturize the hair. STOP! Say what?!!  You're telling me that the same apricot seeds that scrub my face moisturize? No freaking way! But hey, I already bought it so I was going to go through with it. As I applied to my ends I felt it it was a little on the heavier side, I just chalked it up to being moisturizing then let it sit for no more than 3 minutes. As I was washing it out I felt that the little seeds were hard to get out and would never apply it anywhere close to my roots for that reason. I really hated the sand in my hair feeling and thought it was totally unnecessary. i let my hair naturally dry as it is still summertime and using a blow drier will ruin what work I have been putting into getting my hair into mint condition. I felt that throughout the day my hair felt heavy and weighed down and made me feel like I wanted to wash it again with a clarifying shampoo.

Overall the selling points were disappointing as the ingredients were there but were maybe of a cheap quality and maybe too much filler. I would rather stick to my hot oil concoction I make as a weekly DIY and my normally used deep conditioner. Maybe it would work better on a different hair type as mine is fine, I have a lot of it and is naturally straight. I also dye my hair at home with a non ammonia formula hair dye to perk up the color a little when the sun starts fading it too much maybe once every 3 months but used to dye with a permanent dye at home almost every two months a red color so there might be some damage from that poking through. so maybe someone with less damage done would be happier with this.

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