Thursday, January 2, 2014

New year, new post

Ah, a new year is here and along with it comes with the "new year new me" tag line for I say...about the next 3-6 weeks. Now I know you may be thinking I'm a horrible Debbie downer but you know what? I'm just trying to be realistic here for my own sake. Too many times I have tried to set unrealistic goals for the year ahead and failed so I quit. Honestly I think that's how a majority of us resolution setters work.

So this year my only resolution is to be happy by this year's end and in order to do that I will set mini goals for each month. Small attainable goals that won't be out of reach where I can look back and say "Hey! I accomplished a lot this month, let's see what I can accomplish next month.". It's not that I don't desire to dream big but because I feel that the smaller pictures make up the bigger pictures in life and the goal in life is happiness. 

Think about it, athletes train and train all year to reach the finish line. So why shouldn't your goals and aspirations be treated the same way? So hopefully I didn't discourage anyone from their resolutions they've set but maybe implanted an idea on how to obtain the ultimate goal they set. 

So let's all get crackin' and set these monthly goals! 

January goals 2014: 

1) Blog at least once a week on a set schedule. Do more if I can.

2) Drink more water because there's more to drink than coffee 

3) Try to do something new

4) Leave more comments on other blogs

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