Thursday, April 3, 2014

Almond Oil for Under Eye Use

I am completely obsessed with keeping the skin around my eyes young looking and refreshed. My mom had recently told me about how shes been trying to use more natural products and about using almond oil for moisturizing around the under eye wrinkles and just areas with lines in general. She said it was good for preventing wrinkles, moisturizing, and to help grow lashes. I am not so sure about the whole growing lashes thing and neither is my mom but it doesn't hurt to be wishful. I wouldn't be able to tell anyways because I am lucky enough to already have some decent lashes going on. But what I can say is that this oil is my new saving grace. 

I think most of my readers out there would be cringing about using an oil to moisturize your skin and believe me, I did too at first. I grew up with some seriously oily and acne prone skin and to me it seemed counter productive to add more oil onto already oily skin. What I have found is that almond oil is a dry oil and gets quickly absorbed by the skin leaving behind no greasiness. I like to apply this under makeup or by itself but if youre a little afraid of diving right into it and would like to see its benefits then apply around your eyes before bedtime. 

It feels as if it plumped up the skin around my eyes but didn't fully get rid of them but, it has been easily the only thing to make a real difference in the look and feel of the skin around my eyes. I have also used the almond oil for a chapped lip remedy or right before I apply a matte lipstick for great moisturization before applying. But I beleive one of my favorite ways to use this is for my dried out cuticles. It can also be added to DIY hot oil treatments or even used to make a lip scrub. 

So if you've been looking for a good multipurpose beauty oil without a bunch of harsh chemicals you should really give almond oil a try. This one I got from Target for about $3 and has been worth every penny! 



  1. I get such dry skin under my eyes so I'm definitely going to try this! I've been using coconut oil on my face recently anf its really good too X

    1. Coconut oil is a great for when I feel under the weather or when I get a dry scalp during the summer months in a DIY hair mask. Cute blog!! <3 XOX


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